Sunday, December 9, 2012

Member Spotlight: Snowfern

Meet Cindy Teh of Snowfern.  From her home in Singapore, Cindy makes miniatures in a variety of scales and mediums that delight even the most discriminating of collectors.

How long have you been making miniatures?
I started making miniatures in early 2009, but have been collecting massed produced miniature items since I was a child. Did not know about the world of dollhouse collectible miniatures until 2008! (just before I started making my own!)

What drew you to the miniatures hobby initially?
I just find miniatures so fascinating, especially how they are made. More so if they are working models! As a child, the idea of little mice using all the toy furniture in my collection kept me entertained on rainy days indoors.   :D

What inspires your creations?
Since my focus is mainly on foods, the supermarket, whatever is in my fridge, cafes, bakeries, takeaway menus etc. are my main sources of inspiration!

How many countries do your works now reside in?
Gosh. I've never kept track. Let's see...U.S.A, U.K., Australia, China, Finland, Switzerland, Russia, Indonesia, France....that's from what I can recall.....

Do you have a very favorite piece?
I don't play favourites; I find the journey of discovering how to make things more pleasurable than the end product, thus every piece is a valuable learning experience.  ^ ^

Is there anything else you'd like to share with us about your creative process?
Hrmm. Having never considered myself to be a creative person, this is hard for me, as I am still learning how to be creative (?). I think I learn best from my mistakes, preferring trial and error, often coming up with different and interesting results!

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